Eltech Automation utvald leverantör till European Spallation Source (ESS) i Lund

Eltech Automation har blivit utvalt som leverantör för ett säkerhetssystem till European Spallation Source (ESS) i Lund.

Applikationen som styr och övervakar säkerheten implementeras med ett programmerbart säkerhetssystem från ABB.

Säkerhetssystemet kommer att designas, installeras och verifieras av Eltech Automation inklusive

elektrisk- och mekanisk design, programmering och tester.

Installation påbörjas i juni 2018.

Är ni intresserade av att få mer information om våra projekt eller om hur vi kan hjälpa Er förbättra er flexibilitet och effektivitet med automation, så kontakta oss gärna.

Eltech Automation fortsätter att växa!

Eltech Automation fortsätter att växa!

Vi välkomnar Hampus Nilsson, som kommer att jobba som mekanikingenjör.

Eltech Automation är nu omcertifierade för ISO9001:2015!
Läs om Eltech Automation i Dagens Industri - Industribilaga 171012
Nytt projekt - Malmö Opera

Eltech Automation har fått i uppdrag av Malmö Opera att automatisera höj och sänkbara scenluckor i den vridbara delen på Stora scenen. Denna nya funktion kommer att skapa ökad flexibilitet.

Projektet innebär ett helhetsansvar från specifikation till SAT, Site Acceptans Test av komplett funktion. Automationen av luckorna i scengolvet kommer att utvecklas, installeras och valideras av Eltech Automation inklusive mekanisk design, elektrisk design, programmering och testning.

Är ni nyfikna på vårt projekt eller hur vi kan hjälpa er med effektivisering och automatisering så är ni välkomna att kontakta oss.

Vision system to India

We have developed a Vision System for packaging inspection based on hardware from Omron.

First system delivery to customer in India.

Project delivery before the summer holiday

Eltech automation has received a major order for collaborative robots with vision guiding to a MedTech company.

Exhibition of collaborative robots in Helsingör

Eltech Automation has delivered two test equipment cells with UR5e and UR10e robots for showing functions and possibilities with collaborative robotic solutions to one of our larger customers.

Vision system for Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

A "PhenoCave imaging system" has been delivered by Eltech Automation to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp.
The vision system is placed in their Biotron, which makes it possible to mimic realistic growing conditions at different places in the world, including various tempereraturs of the day.
The system moves across the entire surface and at given intervals taking pictures of how the plants grow according to different climatic conditions, which will be important for modern plant research.


For more information contact:

Aakash Chawade, Associate Professor at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Anders Andersson, Manager Mechanical Engineering at Eltech Automation

We welcome Emil and Fredrik

They will both work in the Mechanical Engineering team.                          

UR5e robot

Eltech Automation can now offer quick evaluation of customer cases with our new collaborative robot.


We have got our UR5e collaborative robot delivered and we have several tests scheduled for our customers. During these tests we evaluate cycle time, function and stability in the applications.


The robot will soon be equipped with a vision system to be able to search and guide the robot when picking details.


Are you considering to improve your productivity and quality with more automation please contact us and we will make an evaluation and then we can offer a turnkey solution.

Collaborative robotcell

Eltech Automation will deliver a new Collaborative robot cell with ABB YuMi robot for automatic handling of product analyzes to companies in the process industry in southern Sweden, delivery in Q1 2019.                           

We welcome Timothy Andersson

We welcome Timothy Andersson!

Timothy will work with automation software development.

Eltech Automation selected as supplier to European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund

Eltech Automation has been selected as supplier of a European Spallation Source (ESS) security system in Lund.

The application that controls and monitors security is implemented with a programmable security system from ABB.

The security system will be designed, installed and verified by Eltech Automation including electrical and mechanical design,

programming and testing. 

Installation and startup in June 2018.

Are you interested in getting more information about our projects or how we can help you improve your flexibility and efficiency with automation, please contact us.

Photo: ABB
Eltech Automation continues to grow!

Eltech Automation continues to grow!

We welcome Hampus Nilsson, to the mechanical engineering team.

Eltech Automation is now recertified for ISO9001: 2015!
Read about Eltech Automation in Dagens Industri - Industribilaga 171012
New project - Malmö Opera

Eltech Automation has been selected by Malmö Opera to rebuild elevation and lowering stage slots in the rotatable part of the Main Stage with new functions controlled by servo motors. This new feature will create increased flexibility. The project involves a comprehensive responsibility from specification to SAT, Site Acceptance Test of complete function. The automation of the gaps in the floor will be developed, installed and validated by Eltech Automation including mechanical design, electrical design, programming and testing. Are you curious about our project or how we can help you with efficiency and automation, please feel free to contact us.

FAT for our latest machine delivery

We have completed our FAT for our latest machine delivery! The machine will mount and ensure quality in a medical device. The product consists of a number of injection molded details and our machine will work in line with injection molding of the cases in which the finished product is delivered. The project has entailed a comprehensive responsibility from preliminary study to delivery of finished machine. The machine has been developed, installed and validated by Eltech Automation, including all design, programming and testing. The core of the machine is two ABB robots, PLC / HMI / Motion Control from Beckhoff Automation and Vision System from National Instruments (Labview). Are you curious about our project or how we can streamline your production, please feel free to contact us.

New robot project for company in medical technology - robot simulation

Eltech Automation has received a new medical technology project, which involves the design of a machine for complete assembly of a medical device product. The main function is designed with 2 ABB robots. In the preliminary study of the project, we have done a simulation to optimize and verify the function.

Eltech Automation signs cooperation agreement with ABB Robotics

During the past year, Eltech Automation has made major efforts to strengthen its position as a complete supplier and, together with ABB, the next step is now taking place. In order to better meet the needs of the market, Eltech Automation has become an integrator and supplier of ABB robots. With the cooperation agreement, we can, together with ABB, provide a wide range of solutions for your automation needs.

Same Eltech Automation, but even better

Together with the communications agency Bysted, Eltech Automation has implemented a new graphic identity.

We welcome Henrik and Christian

They will both work in the Software Engineering team.                          

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